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Casa Madreveda Holistic

Feel the shift! Live your best life!

Find the balance in all aspects of yourself:


Welcome to our charming casita at Casa Madreveda Holistic. Nestled in the serene surroundings of our property, this private and tranquil retreat offers the perfect space for guests to embark on their healing journey. With its peaceful ambiance and secluded setting, the casita provides an ideal sanctuary for rest, reflection, and rejuvenation. Enjoy the harmonious blend of comfort and nature as you immerse yourself in the holistic wellness experience at Casa Madreveda.
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Mami Branis, CA

“Was invited to a sisterhood circle at Casa Madreveda and thought it would be nice to meet some sisters. I did not know this was going to be the beginning of a beautiful healing journey for me. JaiMa is an absolutely beautiful person and this comes across in everything she does. I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to attend a breathwork session with her and participated in a Kambo session. Both great experiences with such a caring and professional facilitator 💜 and got to meet many great people. And to add to all these great experiences, when I got stuck and needed a place to stay, she rented out a room in her home for me and made me feel at home and cared for. If you have the opportunity to cross her path you will be blessed. She also holds a drum circle on Sundays at the beach…not to be missed!"

Rena Branson, US

"Jai Ma Luna is a very powerful and nurturing healer, and she offers her 1:1 sessions and group ceremonies on a beautiful deck overlooking the jungle. Throughout the course of 2 months, Jai Ma helped me recover from severe digestive issues and regain balance in my whole system. Through her training in Ayurveda, Kambo, and other holistic medicine traditions, she provides her clients with a range of custom-tailored treatment options—but beyond that, her intuitive and loving presence offers people healing simply by sharing space with her. If you are seeking support on your healing path, Madreveda Holistic is a very special place to go!."

Ondrea Crockett, CA

“Madreveda Holistic celebrates the power and community of women. JaiMa shares her gifts and beautiful energy to help women rediscover and fully embody their true selves..”
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